Boarding Kennels and Natural Disasters

Yesterday, a bushfire in South Australia tore through the north-east of Adelaide and some parts of the Hills. Fortunately, no human lives have been lost at this time, but devastatingly, the fire destroyed a boarding kennel and cattery, killing many of the pets staying there most likely while the owners were on holiday. I can’t imagine how all those affected are feeling – and those who have lost their homes. Amazingly, about 45 dogs were rescued.

This made me think about evacuation procedures in natural disasters and a hypothetical that I’m sure would never be allowed. I imagine the logistics would be a nightmare – having to somehow move all the animals in, likely a short amount of time; finding new shelter/homes for each of them; maintaining records of where they’re all going; all while ensuring legal obligations are fulfilled. This seems even more impossible when considering how quickly natural disasters can develop.

In my hypothetical situation, where legalities can be ignored, would it be better to free all the animals/unlock all cages and runs before evacuating yourself and your family?

In my mind, this might give the animals at least a chance of leaving and escaping the natural disaster rather than being trapped where they are as it comes.


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