The Amazing Applications of 3D Printing

3D printers have been around for a number of years now, long enough that everyday people have access to them at reasonable prices. Scientists have also developed a number of incredible applications for 3D printing.


Prosthetic leg! (Source)

In the human health world, 3D printing has progressed so much that it has been used to create living tissue, including parts of the skull and jaw bones, muscle and cartilage. It will be amazing to see how much more will be able to be created with 3D printing in the near future. 3D printing has already been used to create a rib cage and sternum, with many scientists expecting that organs will eventually be able to be printed too.


3D printed sternum and ribs

In the veterinary/animal world, things aren’t so advanced, but hopefully we will catch up eventually. 3D printing has been increasing in prominence in the veterinary world since as early as 2014. 3D printed models are sometimes used by surgeons to give them a clearer idea of their approach to surgery, and therefore help with greatly with the surgical repair for animals. 3D printing has even been used successfully to create prostheses to help animals to walk again.

It will be amazing to see how much more 3D printing will progress!




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