Fundraiser: Shot in the Head and Left to Die – Can You Help?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been so busy that I’ve barely posted on this blog, but I thought I’d take the time to share THIS. (Click here) Please share this page/link and help out if you can.

This is how Licia was found.

This is how Licia was found.

This poor dog was found wandering the streets, and after being rescued and taken to the vet, they discovered she had been shot in the head. She will soon be having a CT scan to see where all the bullet and bone fragments are in her head. Funds are being raised for this and for the potentially complicated surgery/surgeries or treatments that may be required for this. Every dollar and share counts!


Heartbreaking! Giraffe Farewells Man with Cancer

I think this just goes to show how strong bonds can be between man and animal, not even domesticated species! (e.g. cats, dogs).

Giraffe says goodbye

The man, suffering from a brain tumour, had worked at the zoo for 25 years feeding animals and cleaning their enclosures.

It’s amazing how intelligent and seemingly caring animals can be.