Don’t Anthropomorphise Animals

Anthropomorphism is attributing human characteristics and behaviours to animals and other non-humans. It’s so easy to do, and I’m sure I do it often with my own dog, but a study has found that using anthropomorphism in children’s books leads to less learning and influence their conceptual knowledge of animals. Using more realistic books leads to more accurate biological understanding.


As well as this, misinterpreting behaviours in wild animals, or even perhaps pets you don’t really know, could potentially lead to serious consequences.


Heartbreaking! Giraffe Farewells Man with Cancer

I think this just goes to show how strong bonds can be between man and animal, not even domesticated species! (e.g. cats, dogs).

Giraffe says goodbye

The man, suffering from a brain tumour, had worked at the zoo for 25 years feeding animals and cleaning their enclosures.

It’s amazing how intelligent and seemingly caring animals can be.


It’s Raining Fish and Frogs

I was searching for weird pet(well, animal)-related news today, when I came across this article talking about animals raining from the sky:

While I have not experienced such a strange occurrence, there have been reports of fish, tadpoles, eels, worms, snakes, blackbirds, and even red meat falling from the sky.

Apparently it’s possible for certain thunderstorms and tornadoes to cause creatures to fall from the sky. The wind generated from tornadoes and the updraft from thunderstorms have the potential to pull in nearby animals and insects. Whether events like these caused the animals reported above to fall from the sky, I guess we’ll never know.

Python Eats Family Dog in Australia

For my first (test) post, here’s a bit of weird news:

On March 14 (Australian time), a >50-year old python swallowed a family dog that had been chained to its kennel outside. The owner went out to get her Chihuahua x Maltese only to find the python in its place, with the chain sticking out of its mouth. Thankfully, the owner didn’t harm the python, but instead contacted volunteers from a wildlife rescue organisation. The chain was cut and the python was eventually taken to a wildlife hospital.

In the latest update I found, the veterinarians had decided to leave the chain for a few weeks until everything is digested.