Wilson ate a balloon!

In the beginning of this week, Wilson became the stereotypical lab (that eats anything and everything) and ate an un-inflated balloon! We missed the time period where you can still make your dog throw up, but thankfully, it passed in his poo about 2 days later. If it wasn’t disgusting, I would have taken a picture! Balloons can get stuck in the gastrointestinal tract and cause obstructions and all kinds of bad consequences. So don’t leave weird objects within reach of your pet! I certainly won’t be blowing up balloons near him again any time soon…


It’s Raining Fish and Frogs

I was searching for weird pet(well, animal)-related news today, when I came across this article talking about animals raining from the sky:


While I have not experienced such a strange occurrence, there have been reports of fish, tadpoles, eels, worms, snakes, blackbirds, and even red meat falling from the sky.

Apparently it’s possible for certain thunderstorms and tornadoes to cause creatures to fall from the sky. The wind generated from tornadoes and the updraft from thunderstorms have the potential to pull in nearby animals and insects. Whether events like these caused the animals reported above to fall from the sky, I guess we’ll never know.